Case Studies

AdBirds works with and delivers real results for some of the largest brands in the world. With analytics there is no lack of metrics and quantitative results. Here are some of the examples of the real world success stories.



Increase international online sales and improve user experience.


Analysis showed loss of conversions during the checkout process. And the lack of qualitative traffic which resulted in low conversion rates.


Website optimisation activities improved the checkout process. Specific AdWords and shopping campaigns increased qualitative traffic.


Increase of conversion rates of 12.7% in 5 months. Increase of revenue by 246%.

Hotel Cafe Royal


Improve website Conversion Rate.


Analysis showed leaking of potential converters during the user journey.


We ran several consumer path optimisation variation tests and made changes according to the test results.


The test ran for 31 days and the variation was a winner with 96% significance, leading to a Conversion Rate improvement of 21%.

Pets Place, Retail Market Leader in Pets Sector, Keeps Growing with Successful Google Analytics Implementation and Analysis


Pets Place, the #1 pet shop retailer in The Netherlands, wanted to understand more about the ROPO effect of their digital advertising campaigns.


The Client operates more than 200 retail stores while also selling online through At the same time significant marketing/advertising activities are taking place across different channels, both online and offline. On the offline front the most significant activity is the mail delivery of a promotion brochure. On the online space, advertising through Google AdWords on Search, Shopping and Display is the key driver while also using different social, affiliate channels.



In the spirit of agile analytics, AdBirds have developed a technical solution that will provide rich data that can feed a model in order to quantify the ROPO effect in the mid-term while also delivering a quick-win that will give directional data into the value of ROPO immediately.


In regards to the mid-term, granular solution AdBirds have deployed an implementation where each online transaction is getting additional information in the form of custom dimensions on 3 levels: order count, type of customer, customer ID. These data are collected into GA and then exported and aggregated with offline data from the Client database in order to measure the value of i) offline orders from customers acquired online that then buy offline, ii) the incremental offline sales from customers that bought online versus the ones that are not buying online.


Because the mid-term solution needed time in order to gather substantial data for the modeling of the ROPO effect, AdBirds also designed a tracking solution that can give hints on the ROPO effect while also giving qualitative data into the different behaviors of online customers interested into offline purchases. In order to do this, AdBirds tracked with GA event tracking all the user behavior on “Store locator” widget. Given that the tracking was sophisticated the Client has data on both the aggregate level (how many users are searching) but also on a deeper level that give interesting product/location insights. For example how the “Store locator” usage differs between different product categories or products depending on the price, brand, size. Also what areas are users that use the “Store locator” are browsing from, data that lead to insights about gaps into the location coverage of the offline stores.


Based onto the beautifully designed implementation of “Store Locator” that provided immediate insights, Pets Place has been able to identify gaps into the location coverage that can be filled with the launch of 5 new retail stores and these stores have already been planned for 2018 launches.
Moreover, differences into the online “Store Locator” resulted into the identification of “online-focused” products versus “store-focused” products for the online users with the formed being used into both the newsletter and the ad prospecting activities. Use of these products into the newsletter resulted into +11.3% increase on the revenue generated by the newsletter further boosting the online channel, which is the main growth focus for the retailer.