Programmatic Advertising or Programmatic Buying helps you craft targeted campaigns for growing your business. It's a constantly evolving advertising solution for reaching your audience. It includes online ads, video, streaming, voice, TV and more.

At AdBirds, we have created a Programmatic cluster headed by a former Googler with 10+ years of experience leading tech, sales and services teams in major markets. AdBirds is committed to bringing the best in class support and thought leadership to its clients within the ever-evolving Programmatic services space, and building a robust team of seasoned executives and account managers is the best way to provide sound recommendations on tech providers, industry best-practices, goal-setting advice and end-to-end support.

How does Programmatic Advertising work?

Make the most of your budget by enabling a programmatic strategy that delivers your audience-based campaign message to the right user, at the right time and in the right context. Pay the most effective price per impression served and get a slew of user data you can then use to infuse
your future campaigns, by building your own data lake with as many data sources as you want and automating the campaign management, buying and analytics processes.

By shifting to Programmatic Advertising you are embracing the future of advertising, cutting the middle man, and correctly valuing the user data your own campaigns and your sites are generating. No one knows your users and your business better than you, so move from a black-box short-term model to a fully transparent long-term model by managing your video and display buys programmatically, and reap the benefits of the data you generate.

How can it help grow your business online?

A repeat customer is 2x more valuable than a new customer, and you can spend 1/10th of the budget to re-engage them. That's a ton efficiency-gains for your business that can be triggered by working programmatically. You can cut through the silos when handling you video and display campaigns, and create a repository of your own user data to build more robust targeting profiles that will make your ad dollars work harder for you.

Besides the data and targeting efficiencies, you can really streamline the operational aspects of your display and video buying by using a one-stop programmatic solution to automate the day-to-day management of your campaigns end-to-end, saving you thousands of dollars on otherwise redundant activities.

Success Story Of One Of Our Clients

Series c funded e-commerce platform which offers products for kids, moms and home from international brands. 90% of their sales are from baby apparel and related products.

Conversion ratio
CPA new users
Fresh Users Each Month