Training Services

AdBirds specialises in providing bespoke and leading edge training solutions in each of our global regions. We’ve been Google’s training partner for many years and have trained thousands of digital agencies around the world in all of Google’s products. We’ve also provided many customized corporate training sessions tailored to their specific needs.

Types Of Training

SMB AdWords Training

Designed for small businesses with an intention to empower business owners to manage their marketing in house. Attendees will learn to understand the basics of AdWords, including account structure, keywords, ads, ad extensions, targeting and bidding strategies. By the end of the day you will have your AdWords account up and running and you will be ready to attract new customers to your business.
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Google Partner Training

AdBirds trainers all around the globe educate digital agencies on the latest Google products and developments. Are you a digital agency and interested in Google Partner training? Check out your local Google Partner page for dates and details in your market. Check out our Events page for past training events. For reviews please check out our Testimonials page.

Corporate Training

Completely customised to your company’s needs. A session may include AdWords account optimisation strategies, Analytics and Conversion Optimisation, tactical training regarding your digital activities or your Social Media Performance.

We’ve hosted sessions at a number of international companies, including Unilever, Boer & Croon Consulting, Zenith, GroupM, BDO.

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Programmatic Training

Programmatic Advertising or Programmatic Buying helps you craft highly targeted campaigns. It’s a constantly evolving advertising solution for reaching your audience. It includes online ads, video, streaming, voice, TV and more.

Our Programmatic Training programs teaches you exactly how to utilize Programmatic Advertsing for your company. It includes topics such as:

  • Fundamentals of the Advertising Ecosystem
  • Fundamentals of Programmatic
  • Fundamentals of Audience Data
  • Benefits of Creative Solutions in Platforms
  • Benefits of Search Management Platforms
  • Measurement Solutions and Benefits of unification
  • Fundamentals of Sell-Side Platforms


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