Adaplo Shopping Tool

Get more sales from your Google Shopping Campaigns
automated management solution for Google Shopping that is using the power of machine learning to improve the ROAS of your ads.

Solution for Google Shopping

adaplo fully manages your Google Shopping ads to increase your performance

Sophisticated account structure

By creating a granular and sophisticated account structure we set you up for success

  • SKU-level targeting and bidding
  • Full use of Remarketing lists for Search Ads
  • Targeting all inventory

Campaign updates on feed changes

Your ads will always reflect the actual products that you sell. And with no effort from your side!

  • New campaigns for new product categories
  • Change of status for AdGroups based on availability
  • Every product is targeted individually, not with "catch-all"

Predictive bidding algorithm

Bidding is a key part of performance optimization and with our predictive bidding algorithm you are getting max performance.

  • Bid intelligently on each product
  • Faster results due to predictive bidding
  • Continuously improved algorithm by top data scientists

Solution for Display ads

on adaplo we have developed the technology to help you on all of your marketing needs

Remarketing Ads

Get incremental sales by bringing back your website visitors.

  • Take advantage of all the new targeting methods from both platforms
  • Retarget your store products and categories
  • Fully automated campaign creation and management

Prospecting Ads

Increase the traffic of your store by acquiring new visitors that are likely to convert.

  • Take advantage of all the new targeting methods from both platforms
  • Advertises top products and categories to new people
  • Fully automated campaign creation and management

Success stories of our clients.

We are proud to be trusted by top retailers around the world

Lacoste increased Google Shopping Revenue by 137.8% from the first Month