AdBirds’ website & analytics optimisation team has many year of experience working at Google with analytics and is responsible for the development of many of the features you see in Google analytics today. We specialise in Google Analytics implementations across desktop and mobile sites as well as apps.

Data Collection

  • Understand what’s really going on in your app / website
  • Best practice implementation, status quo audits
  • Enriched your data to add business meaning and context to it via custom dimensions and metrics
  • Track cross-device changes during customer journeys
  • Unlock business insights via Google Analytics’ powerful Enhanced Ecommerce functionality

Tag Management

  • Increase the agility of your marketing team
  • Quickly launch new marketing campaigns
  • Reduce your website’s load time
  • Hand over valuable data points
  • Future-proof your website by using tags
  • Setup and migration of existing tags
  • Workshops and training sessions (Google certified trainers)

Unlock Business Insights via Google Analytics

  • Checkout process metrics
  • Ratios between page views
  • Return rate is per product / category / brand

Measuring & Reporting

  • Measurement & Reporting
  • Set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Create and automate custom dashboards
  • Analyse your data
  • Data driven culture training
  • Technical training for your developers and IT staff